EnergyAustralia Black Rose Excellence in Business Awards Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of participation in the EnergyAustralia Black Rose Excellence in Business Awards

a) All entrants or nominations must operate in the Lithgow Local Government area.

b) The applicant acknowledges that if they win an award that the award is personal to the winner/winning business and is not assignable.

c) Awards presented will be to the organisation or person named on the application form.

d) No alterations to applications will be permitted after the date of submission although submissions may be withdrawn prior to the announcement of winners.

e) There will be no finalists announced this year. All Award entries will be considered finalists.

f) A representative for the Award entry must be present at the Gala Night function on 26 November 2022.

g) There is no entry fee for any categories in the 2022 awards due to the financial impact of COVID 19 on businesses and the BLER funding being able to cover entry fees.

h) Your privacy is protected, and all entries are regarded as CONFIDENTIAL and all individuals involved in the judging process are required to complete a Confidentiality Agreement. The fact that you have entered will be published once the nomination is accepted or you submit your entry.

i) Persons making nominations and businesses nominated agree to receive communications from the Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce in relation to the Awards and the activities of the Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce.

j) Nominations must be submitted by email to

k) Businesses need only be nominated once or they or their employees can enter Award categories themselves (see point L below).

l) Entries must be completed using the online entry form on or

m) All required questions must be answered to be eligible.

n) All business entrants or nominations must be registered with the ATO as a business and hold a current ABN number.

o) Sponsors may enter the awards, but may not enter the category that they are sponsoring.

p) Entry is not open to office bearers of the Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce.

q) Eligible winners of all categories except Excellence in Resilience and Outstanding Apprentice / Trainee (which are Black Rose Awards only) will receive automatic entry into the 2023 Western NSW Business Awards. (To be eligible, a winner must be a member of the Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce. (membership is free until 30 June 2023) and have subscribed to our alliance with the NSW Business Chamber; or be a member of the NSW Business Chamber. Winners do not have to be members at the time of entry however must be members as at 31 December 2022.

r) All award entries much be submitted by midnight 30 September 2022.