Business Chamber unveils Recovery Events Plan

At its public meeting on the 10th August 2021, Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce (LDCC) unveiled its 2022-23 plans to apply the funding to support local businesses that it has received as part of the State/Federal Governments’ Economic Recovery Grants.

LDCC Vice-President Renzo Benedet outlined a two-year program that focuses on different areas of business development in the Lithgow region. The program will shape, create and grow local business by doing something new and unique that works within a united partnership to advance the Lithgow region.

The following events are planned:

  • Q1: Q1 2022: Start-Up Development Launch
  • Q2 2022: Procurement Day
  • Q3 2022: Lithgow Region Business Awards
  • Q4 2022: Lithgow Region Business Exhibition
  • Q1 2023: Lithgow Region Investor Week

Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce President Peter Pilbeam is excited about these developments. “It was an inspiring first meeting with our members and guests to explore the draft of our Business Recovery Events Plan. The program will bring together businesses that are internal and external to the Lithgow region to promote business and tourism in the entire area.
Peter also expressed his appreciation for the State and Federal Governments in having made available this funding to help bushfire-affected communities restore local economies.

Chairman of the Lithgow Region Marketing Cooperative (LRMC), Larry Pitts, then took the floor to outline the “Seven Valleys” vision for a new marketing campaign for the Lithgow region. Recognising that Lithgow is seen by many tourists through the lens of its mining and industrial past, Larry believes that “Seven Valleys – Capertee, Wolgan, Kanimbla, Lithgow, Megalong, Harley and Tarana” will be a more attractive and inclusive message for the region.

Seven Valleys – Capertee, Wolgan, Kanimbla, Lithgow, Megalong, Harley and Tarana

From the wonders of the Glow Worm Tunnel to the wild majesty of the Wolgan, the Seven Valleys encompasses over 4500 square kilometres of inspiring natural beauty and countless attractions to explore and discover. We have everything from the colonial Hartley Historical Village to indigenous sites belonging to our first nation peoples. You can be awed by the immenseness of the Capertee (second only to the US Grand Canyon in size); stay in family-friendly cabins, houses and hotels or glamp it in a Bubbletent. In the Seven Valleys, you can go horse riding, fishing, boating or water skiing. You can visit the famous Tarana markets, spoil yourself with a spa treatment – or just escape, relax and rejuvenate in front of a roaring log fire.” says Larry.

And at the heart of it all, just 2 hours from Sydney, is Lithgow!

The meeting was enthusiastic about the LRMC’s campaign and supported his recommendation for ‘teasers’ to be put out on our communication channels.

For more information on our Business Recovery Events Plan, please contact us on 1300 xxx xxx or at!