Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce

Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce


 Black Rose Excellence in Business Awards

Deadline extended

Last call for entries!

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the celebration!

The deadline for Award entries has been extended to Monday 26 September

All businesses that enter the awards will become 2022 finalists!

Businesses can enter the Awards HERE

Community members can nominate businesses by emailing

These are the first business awards to be held in Lithgow for 15 years!

The Award categories are –

Excellence in Micro Business Excellence in Small Business 
Excellence in Large Business  Outstanding Start Up 
*Excellence in Resilience  Excellence in Innovation 
Outstanding Community Organisation  *Best Apprentice /Trainee 

Award category questions and eligibility criteria is HERE

To get Tips and Tricks for your Award application see HERE

Businesses can apply HERE

Winners of Awards aligned with Business NSW Awards will automatically enter the Central NSW Business Awards held in 2023.  *Excellence in Resilience and Best Apprentice/Trainee Awards are not aligned

The Awards night is being held on 26 November at the Lithgow Workies. A gala cocktail dress event with local musicians, performers, local produce and special guest MC, Peter Watson from 2LT, celebrating excellence in our business community.

This is an important event for Lithgow regional businesses, and we want the business community to get behind the event and support it to further develop and grow business networks in the region. The stronger the business community is in the region, the more power it will have to advocate on behalf of the entire Lithgow region. 

Judging is organised by Business NSW and will include a panel outside the Lithgow region. 

The Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce gratefully acknowledges the funding from the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, co-funded by the Commonwealth and NSW State Governments. 

For further details call 0403 397 645 or email




Thursday 23 June, the Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce, Lithgow held its inaugural Procurement and Capabilities Seminar at the Lithgow Workies.

The Seminar represents the initial step in supporting Lithgow region businesses in developing closer business ties with big employers in the region and to inform them about procurement opportunities available to them through Local, State and Commonwealth Governments.

There are a wealth of products and services required by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments through Defence and infrastructure contracts as well as through large employers in the Lithgow area and the Chamber wants our local sole traders and small to mediums sized businesses (SMEs) to learn about and make the most of the work opportunities available to them.

The morning’s sessions centred around State and Local Government Procurement with speakers from NSW Procurement, Local Government Procurement (organisation) and Lithgow City Council. Attendees found out how to register for supplier panels, how to find and navigate online procurement programs and how to source support services like tender writing training.

After lunch local area large employers Energy Australia, Centennial Coal, Westfund, Family First and Greenspot presented and informed attendees of the kinds of services they required on an ongoing basis.

Department of Defence and Transport for NSW imparted a wealth of information to attendees about the many services that are required by their departments, Transport for NSW specifically speaking about the Great Western Highway upgrade.  Defence is the largest procurement agency in the Commonwealth government and Transport will have a very major role to play in the region over the forthcoming years.

Chamber President Peter Pilbeam said “We’re pleased that we could hold this inaugural Seminar for the Lithgow region business community. This is a first for the region and it’s our way of encouraging SMEs to not be afraid to put their hand up for larger contracts coming into the area.

We also want to facilitate the establishment of long-term ties between SMEs and the larger employers in the area. In this way we’re wanting large businesses to shop-local, that is, give our local sole traders and SMEs a more informed opportunity at bidding for work contracts before the employers seek contractors outside the region.

We know that all large regional businesses including Council have existing ‘prefer local procurement’ policies, but by making sole traders and SMEs more aware of how these businesses tender for work, and when and where they promote requests for quotes, local Lithgow area sole traders and SMEs have more of a chance of getting the jobs before the larger businesses seek workers further afield’, said Pilbeam.

As part of the Seminar and to encourage sole traders and SMEs to bid for larger contracts, the Chamber is running a workshop on ‘Alternative Business Models’. This late afternoon session spoke about how to set up Co-ops and Limited Partnerships. The session was designed for sole traders and small and SMEs to learn about how they’re able to combine their resources with other like-minded or complimentary businesses to put up their hand for larger contracts with public and private enterprises.

The Seminar is one of the first steps the Chamber is taking towards creating a Community Wealth Building model in the region. This is a take on the shop-local theme where the Chamber asks the large local businesses to, as much as possible, use services, products and supplies within the region. In this way they’re wanting the money that comes into the region to stay in the region. 

Thanks to the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery funding, co-funded by the Commonwealth and NSW State and Governments, the Chamber was able to hold the Procurement and Capabilities Seminar and offered it for free to help sole traders and SMEs make the most of the opportunities that are coming into the region over the coming years.

The Chamber is also building a Capabilities Register and encouraged all local businesses to become part of the register which will be shared with large employers and large government contractors coming into the region